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Project Spotlight

Insight Counseling Centers

Insight Counseling Centers exists to restore lives to wholeness – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We delight in the opportunity to assist older adults in healing mental health struggles, emotional pain, spiritual wounds, and relationship challenges. Thanks to funding from the West End Home Foundation, Insight is able to provide counseling to older adults on an income-based fee scale, making therapy more affordable to those who are often on a fixed income. Bernie came to Insight with hurt and confusion around her family relationships. After years of supporting other women who struggle with co-dependency, she suddenly recognized the pattern in her own life. “I have had a longstanding very difficult relationship with my daughter. Being a co-dependent, you sort of divide yourself, and I realized I was dividing myself between my daughter and my husband.” “I really felt inside of me it was time to do something about this relationship, to really look at it.” Bernie reached out to her congregation in Murfreesboro for help, and they recommended Insight Counseling Centers. Working with her therapist has been very illuminating and [...]

May 16th, 2022|Project Spotlight|

FiftyForward: Enriching Lives in our Community

Written by: Susan Sizemore, Communications Director, FiftyForward When Nolan Starks contacted us in late October 2021, she was distraught because she could not make ends meet. Her worst fear was that she might lose her longtime family home. The home had been purchased, in 1899, by her father from a farmer in the community. Ms. Starks, who is 77 years old, told our staff she had been born in the house and explained additions were added to the original structure as “more children came along” and they needed additional space. She recalled countless memories in that loving home, but now it was in disrepair. Ms. Starks had been struggling to buy food and medications each month. When she found her way to the agency, FiftyForward care managers immediately became focused on finding solutions to provide peace of mind to her and for her family. During her initial assessment, FiftyForward discovered that the roof leaked, the home’s bathroom floor was falling in, and they swiftly realized she needed an ally and an advocate for other things as well. In addition, [...]

February 8th, 2022|Project Spotlight|

Westminster Home Connection

Everyone should have safe, accessible and affordable housing, the cornerstone of healthy, vibrant communities. As we get older, most of us prefer to stay in our homes and continue to be active in our neighborhoods where we have lived and worked, often for decades. Westminster Home Connection makes repairs and mobility modifications to empower older adults to age-in-place. Most of the older adults in the West End Home Foundation grant program live on Social Security. With a median monthly household income of $1,565, they cannot afford home repairs and modifications. Since 2013, Westminster has made over 1,500 homes safer and more functional for almost 2,300 people. West End Home Foundation has supported Westminster in this mission since we began, enabling us to grow and thrive. Westminster’s top three intended outcomes are: Repairs and modifications improve the lives of older adults. Repairs and modifications help older adults live in their homes longer. Preserving more homes in the affordable housing stock. WEHF sponsored an Elevate Consulting project for Westminster and other WEHF grantees. During this project, we developed a [...]

October 27th, 2021|Project Spotlight|
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