Nashville Public Library Provides Digital Literacy Programs

The Nashville Public Library’s (NPL) Digital Literacy Initiative, which was launched in recent years, is designed to help Nashvillians gain access to online information, entertainment and crucial community services. In 2017, NPL added the Digital Inclusion for Seniors program to teach older adults the skills needed to navigate the online world. The West End [...]

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Room In The Inn: Supporting Nashville’s most Vulnerable Neighbors

In recent years, Room In The Inn has worked to grow & evolve our response to the needs of aging adults who are experiencing homelessness. As the Baby Boom generation ages and as Nashville’s housing market becomes more and more limited for those with lower incomes, we have seen an increase in the number [...]

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Nations Ministry Center

As more of us live longer lives, we all want older Americans to have the opportunity to lead meaningful, connected lives. Thanks to the leadership generosity of the West End Home Foundation, Nations Ministry began serving Nepali elders in 2018 through the innovative The Front Porch: Welcoming Refugee Elders Home program which combines culturally-relevant [...]

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Bethlehem Centers of Nashville

Founded in 1894, Bethlehem Centers of Nashville (BCN) promotes self-reliance and positive life choices for children, youth and older adults in Middle Tennessee. Funding provided by The West End Home Foundation enables the agency to deliver services to older adults in North Nashville designed to reduce hardships associated with poverty, health challenges and social [...]

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Senior Ride Nashville

Nashville currently has 30,000 residents who are 75 and older, those most likely to have multiple chronic health conditions that often restrict driving.  A 2011 Transportation for America study revealed that the Nashville region ranked 4th worst in terms of senior access to public transportation.  Studies have also shown that that reduced mobility limits the [...]

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Tennessee Justice Center: Independence Program

The West End Home Foundation supports TJC’s Independence Team, which helps older adults navigate complex programs to get long-term care and health services they need to stay healthy and independent in the community. The Foundation funds the position of CHOICES Client Advocate. Katie Ann Twiggs, pictured, is currently serving in this role. CHOICES is Tennessee’s [...]

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Interfaith Dental Clinic Smiles for Life

At Interfaith Dental, the focus on healthy smiles spans across the entire lifespan. From children to older adults, Interfaith's emphasis is on what a healthy smile can offer. For older adults it's increased socialization, the ability to chew and eat healthy food, alleviating pain and infection, and improved physical health.

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